What to Expect

To get you started is easy, first thing we want to find out is what  your body is telling us and what it might be missing, or needs.  Here is what you can expect after setting up your first appointment with us. 

We will send to you (at the date, time and location of your choice) one of our licensed medical assistants.  They will arrive and get some basic medical information, then they will draw your blood. This appointment usually takes less than 30 minutes. 


A Quick Test 

Safe & Secure


All of your medical information and lab results will be forwarded to our HIPAA compliant electronic health record system. 

A medical doctor will be assigned to you that will review all of your medical information to prepare for your personal telemedicine appointment 

Medical Review


Telemedicine Visit

At this point, you will have your appointment with the medical doctor that was personally assigned to you to review with you your findings and develop a plan personal to you.