Mental acuity, or sharpness of the mind, comprises of memory, focus, understanding, and concentration. As we age, these factors begin to decline naturally. Environmental and lifestyle factors can also take their toll on brain health, contributing to further decline of mental acuity in the form of conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

While some factors of brain health are beyond our control, there are many which are in our power to improve. The brain is the most complex organ in the body, with an intricate network of billions of nerve cells. To support the incredible processes it performs, the brain requires the proper fuel, conditioning, and rest. By optimizing exercise, diet, sleep, nutritional intake and hormone replacement these can all support mental acuity over the long term.


The fact that exercise has many health benefits is indisputable. Its advantages are physical and mental. Over the last few years there is emerging research acknowledging the impact of exercise on brain health, and the findings are truly remarkable 


In addition good nutrition can combat the natural decline in brain health. But even the healthiest diets can leave gaps in nutrition. Despite conscious efforts to improve eating habits, we may still come up short in certain micronutrients and substances that improve overall health. Supplements can make up for these deficiencies, like fish oil. Studies now show that fish oil-derived pro-resolution molecules play an important role in stopping neuro-inflammation. 

Extensive data exist on the role of omega-3 (especially DHA) supplementation in the cognitive decline of aging.


Reduced intake of DHA produces faster rates of cognitive decline and more rapid development of dementia. DHA supplementation improves moderately severe dementia that arises from certain kinds of strokes. 

Daily supplementation of 1,700 mg of DHA and 600 mg of EPA in patients with Alzheimer's disease produced a reduction in the rate of decline. Studies show the importance of routine supplementation before developing symptoms. Daily supplementation of 1,700 mg of DHA and 600 mg of EPA was shown to produce significant cognitive health.

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