Larry Zuccolotto

In 2018, I turned 60 and I can honestly say that I feel like I am in fantastic shape. When we are not working, my wife and I spend our days hiking, camping, or spending time with our two teenage grandchildren. We are very fortunate that they actually like to hang with us and love to do the things we like to do. Our favorite is heading to the lake for some wakeboarding, waterskiing, or wake surfing, and yes both my wife and I still tear it up on the lake.  I share this with you because this is what Physical Male is all about, keeping us feeling young and having the energy to keep up with the kids!

My wife and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in 2017. In addition to being married for 40 years we have also worked together for the last 22 years. I attribute our wonderful marriage to our faith and our youthful outlook on life. What is offered thru Physical Male is what has helped us to keep a healthy and very happy romantic life. This is not to say that being on a program thru physical male will guarantee a long and happy marriage, but it has sure helped us to keep the zest!

Besides the eating correctly, exercising, and the supplements that I take, I have also been a patient consistently for the last 20 years on a HRT that consists of medications that increase your hormone production and help keep the man boobs away.  All I can say is that I am so glad that I invested in the time to research this 20 years ago and am very happy to share it with you.