Boost Energy

If you suffer from low energy and keep thinking that you need energy now, you are not alone. 40 % of Americans wake up feeling tired most of the week and a whopping 97% of

Americans have one or more of the leading risk factors for loss of energy or fatigue. As we age many individuals just accept feeling fatigued as a normal part of getting older.


  • Have to start the day with multiple cups of coffee 

  • Lack of motivation 

  • Trouble sleeping 

  • That afternoon slump 

  • Brain fog or lack of concentration 

  • Little desire to exercise 

  • Loss of libido

Eating habits designed to boost energy!

For over 20 years our medical team has learned the importance of proper nutrition. We pass this knowledge along to you to help you understand why proper nutrition is so important to boosting energy. At the most fundamental level, the very purpose of eating is to provide your body with the energy it needs to support its many critical functions. One foundational aspect of improving diet in patients is optimizing their insulin sensitivity. Insulin, the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar levels, is produced in the pancreas and helps to move sugar from the blood into storage. Beyond being linked to serious health conditions, poorly controlled blood sugar is also a common cause of fatigue. 


We have created a workbook to help you better understand the need for proper nutrition, food suggestions and menu planning. All designed to help you boost your energy levels.

Exercise is a must, especially if you always have low energy!

Feeling tired is perhaps the most common reason people neglect to exercise. Yet, it is worth noting that training and exercising can actually fight fatigue and act as natural energy enhancers. Research shows that exercise can even reduce symptoms of fatigue by as much as 65%, while boosting energy levels by up to 20%. The general consensus of physicians and trainers believe exercise and the ability to reduce fatigue stems from the impact energy has on the central nervous system. Physical Male has an outstanding and highly recognized board advisor Dr. Tony Mikla that is an expert in physical therapy and exercise training. We help you to design the optimal exercise program based on your age and work out capabilities.

Poor sleep and Fatigue, a major culprit to low energy!

Poor sleep is perhaps the most obvious culprit behind fatigue and lack of energy. 

To make matters worse, there are many potential causes of sleep deprivation, which is why a “one-size-fits-all” fix cannot be applied. The inability to fall asleep, and subsequently to remain sleeping for the recommended seven to nine hours, can result from either physical or psychological challenges. Duration and quality of sleep are both typically improved on with our Physical Male program. This is due to the fact that our program’s approach to wellness often tackles the root causes behind poor sleep. Our physicians’ recommendations on food selection, along with tailored dietary tips, exercise routines and hormone replacement can contribute to addressing the challenges that may be causing lack of sleep in patients.

Hormones and their role in low energy!

As mentioned above, one major component of the Physical Male program is optimizing hormone levels. In men, suboptimal levels of testosterone can have a negative effect on their energy levels. Because significant dips in hormone levels are common in men as they age it makes them an ideal candidate for hormone 

replacement therapy. In both genders, low testosterone has been linked to lack of motivation, fatigue, and even depression. Thus, testosterone has a far-reaching impact on energy and, when it becomes imbalanced, the physical impacts can escalate. Luckily, hormone replacement therapy is an effective way to address the challenging symptoms produced by an imbalance.

There most likely is a reason why you are always feeling tired, but not for the reason you may think it. Much like our overall health our energy levels are many times the result of a combination of many factors. Here at Physical Male, we have helped thousands of patients thru optimizing your diet, proper exercise, advanced nutritional supplementation and hormone replacement therapy. So do yourself a favor and click the free consultation button below and begin your journey to a new happier and healthy you!